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Client List
* Design-Build Projects         

Amtrak/SEPTA*                                                              Philadelphia, PA

CDC Food Brokerage*                                                   Philadelphia, PA

Coldwell Banker Realty, Inc.*                                        Lahaska, Doylestown, & Washington Crossing, PA

Dean Witter Reynolds                                                   Newtown, PA

Wheat First Union*                                                       Langhorne, PA

Family Services Association of Bucks County*               Langhorne, PA

First Federal Bank of Bucks County*                             Newtown,PA

Ford Motor Corp.                                                           Lawrenceville, NJ

Georgetown Builders                                                    Doylestown, PA

Lexus*                                                                          Lawrenceville, NJ  Wilkes-Barre, PA

Medtronics, Inc.                                                            Newtown, PA

Mercedes-Benz of North America, Inc.                          Fort Washington, PA

New Life Christian Church*                                          Newtown, PA

Northampton Country Club*                                        Northampton, PA

Northwestern Mutual Life                                             Newtown, PA

Penn’s Trail Associates                                                 Newtown, PA

Philadelphia Zoo*                                                         Philadelphia, PA

Prime Bank                                                                   Yardley, PA

R&S Imports  - Mercedes-Benz*                                   Fort Washington, PA

The Rose Group                                                            Newtown, PA

Smith Kline Beecham                                                     Newtown, PA

Sovereign Bank                                                             Newtown, PA

Stuckert & Yates                                                            Newtown, PA

Third Federal Savings Bank                                           New Britain, Doylestown, & Newtown, PA

Torresdale-Frankford country club                                 Philadelphia, PA

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.*                                      Langhorne & Lawrenceville, PA

Volvo-Cars of North America*                                        Fort Washington, PA

Volkswagen of America*                                                Hamilton, NJ

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